Pörssi´s traditional Winter Party is here again! Jyväskylä will be full of overalls in all colors at 14.3.2019, when students across the country gather to party with us.

This party consists of three parts. First you will spend day outside at Laajavuori, where you will find playful competitions for your team, sauna and hot tubes. It is also possible to do downhill skiing during the day in Laajis. There will be a special offer for downhill skiing for participants, but as we all know, you can enjoy after ski -atmosphere also without downhill skiing. Together with your team you can also participate in “Häkkyrälasku”, which is sledding with Häkkyrä - something totally crazy that you have built.

If you prefer, you can also only come to enjoy the athmospere and music - even the team competitions are voluntary! And please, take note that own drinks are absolutely forbidden in Laajavuori. There is possibility to buy drinks inexpensively during the day.

After the crazy day outside, we will bring the party to city center. If you have a ticket which includes “ketkot”, you can go to the Aalto-sali where snacks and refreshments are included. If you don’t have a “ketko-ticket”, you have a possibility to spend the time between the day outside and the afterparty at the restaurant Revolution. The afterparty is in two nightclubs: in Bra2 and Freetime. Top performers in both afterparty places guarantee an amazing night!

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Questions? Send us an email or call!


Time Event
13:30-17:30 Winter Party at Laajavuori
17:30-22 Middle Party at Aalto-sali
22-04 After Party at Bra2 and Freetime


Event 20€ 15€
Winter Party at Laajavuori
Middle Party at Aalto-sali
After Party at Bra2 and Freetime

Registration will be made via from 13.2 at 14:00.