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The craziest outdoor event and the wildest afterparties, that’s Pörssi’s traditional winterparty. 12th of March 2020 students across the country gather together in Jyväskylä to enjoy winter and partying.

This party consists of three amazing parts. First you will spend afternoon in Laajavuori and enjoy outdoor activities. You can take part in playful activities and earn points for your team. You can also go to saunas and dip in hot tubs. It’s also possible to do downhill skiing during the day in Laajis. There will be a special offer for downhill skiing for participants. But as we all know, it’s not necessary to do downhill skiing to enjoy the after ski -atmosphere. Dj will make sure that soundtrack of the day is perfect. This year it’s also possible to visit the top of Laajavuori. There will be a special “taxi” which will offer you a ride to Dome located on the top. Together with your team you can also participate in “Häkkyrälasku”, which is sledding with Häkkyrä – something totally crazy that you have built.

Get your team together, find matching outfits for yourselves or even make up a teamsong. Come to Laajavuori and challenge other team in different activities. You get points from performance but also from your team spirit. There will be a prize for the winner, so do your best! It´s optional to take part in the competition, so you can just try different activities without earning points.

Please notice that you can’t bring your own drinks to the outdoor event.

”Ketkot” and afterparties

After the fun afternoon outdoors it’s time to hop in buses and get back to the city center. If you have a ticket which includes ketkot, you can go to restaurant Bra. There will be live-music, snacks and refreshments. Your own drinks are unfortunately not allowed there, but there’ll be student budget friendly prices for the time of ketkot.

Please notice, that Bra is only for those who have bought a ticket including ketkot. But don’t worry, everyone is welcome to Revolution, where “official unofficial ketkot” are hold. There will be special drink and food offers. It’s also possible to stay in Laajavuori, where the restaurant will be open until 9pm.

The afterparty is in two nightclubs; Bra and Freetime. Amazing performers will make sure that you are having the time of your life.

You don’t want to miss this party!


15-19 Outdoor activities @ Laajavuori

19-21:30 Ketkot @ Bra

21- Afterpartie @Freetime & 22- Afterpartie @Bra

any questions?


Phone: +358 50 5727970


Event 22€ 16€
Outdoor activities
Ketkot in Aalto-hall

Outdoor activities


Outdoor activities

Ketkot in Aalto-hall


(Note: You can buy tickets on 12th of February at 2pm)

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